Advanced permissions via API

I would like to update user roles for specific objects (specifically services in this instance) via the API. I can make this change in the GUI, so our account has access to the advanced permissions.

I have been able to update a user’s base role or team role using the API, but I do not see user roles on objects like services, escalation policies, or schedules. I need to make this change for several hundred users and it will be very tedious to do manually.

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Once the user roles have been changed, they will be reflected anywhere the user is as it affects the. But there is no user role associated with a Service. Or is there anything we are missing here?

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This is the relevant section in the docs:

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User roles do not reflect in objects like Services, escalation policies or schedules. They are an indication of the users’ permissions as to what they can or can not do in PagerDuty; this is in terms of configuration. You will find more details about roles here.

I hope that helps.

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See the instructions in the image for the exact thing I want to be able to modify from the API. Unfortunately, I do not see any endpoints in the API that allow this.

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Thanks for that clarification.

There is no API endpoint at this time by which Additional Permissions to objects can be assigned to users .

I will be raising it as a Feature Request with the Product Team though as I see value in such an endpoint.

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