Advanced options for event rules

When building event rules, it would be nice to be able to use both AND and OR factors. For example:

If vendor equals (vendor_name)


payload.summary matches regex (regex_here)


payload.summary matches regex (regex_here)


payload.summary matches regex (regex_here)

This gives customers the opportunity to build more advanced fine-tuned rules.

Hello Francisco,

Thanks for your feedback - we always appreciate it (good and bad)! I will take this info and pass it along to our event product team.

If you have any other suggestions of how you’d like us to improve your overall experience with Pagerduty, do let us know.


Would be great to see this feature in PD!
We currently have multiple tools sending JSON packets, all with slight variations. Would really simplify our ruleset if we were able to create rules with more flexibility than just the ALL / ANY currently available.

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I would go a step further and add if then statements.
if service is foo
Do option 1
Or if service is foo AND foo1
Do option 2

To add a bit more, it wold be awesome if we could have events go to multiple services. More and more apps and services are built with micro-service architecture and as such there are more and more shared services being implemented. Shared services are usually used by more than 1 teams and it would be nice to notify multiple teams when a shared service is having issues.

Maybe something like, service 1 being the main service that gets the actual critical incident but other services only get low severity so they are aware at the time of creation.

A good example would be SSL Certs, there would be a team that manages the purchasing and renewal and the security team and networking team would need to apply the cert in different places. With this feature, you could create the main incident for the purchasing team and add a low priority incident to the security and networking team that would open a JIRA ticket to let them know they need to plan for working on a cert update.

I like this, but could expand to be able to add actual context in the do option 2 part. For example,

If criteria 1 add this context to the incident.
If criteria 2 add this other context to the incident.

For sure, would be great to see this built-out especially after the release of App Event Transformers recently.

Good to see development being done on a service-events level. Hoping to see more driven towards the global-events ruleset level for ease of management when re-routing from various monitoring toolsets.