Adding a Slack channel to an incident via API without it taking the conference bridge slot


I’ve been trying to find a way to add a Slack channel to an incident through the API in such a way that it is associated with the SLACK CHANNEL label on the incident page. The only solution I could find was adding it as the conference bridge, but this is not desirable because we want a Zoom meeting to take that slot. Is there a way to get a Slack channel in the proper slot through the API that is perhaps undocumented?

Hi Matthew,

Have you taken a look at the Create a Slack Channel Connection API call or the Update a Slack Connection?

Would either of those work for what you are looking to do?

If you’d like to share specific details regarding incidents/slack channels, please write in to us via and we’d be happy to take a look.

Support Team Lead - East

Hi Abbott,

I have tried creating a Slack channel connection, but the source_type does not accept incident_reference. It seems like it should / would but it doesn’t.

This is not possible today.