Add support for a quiet tone in the app

In the app, I have a jarring Siren sound for High-Urgency and a Whoop Whoop sound for Low-Urgency. This is great to avoid missing a page, but is very bad at 3am and in the midst of an outage.

There should be an option to start the page with #1 a quieter tone #2 for a number of seconds before the normal sound.

Hi John,

Thanks for your feedback regarding in app notification sounds. I understand that certain sounds may be a little jarring especially in the middle of the night.

I am happy to pass along this feedback to our Product team for further consideration. In the meantime, you do have various tone options within the app, some PagerDuty specific and others device specific. Give those a look over if you haven’t already, and you may find some a little less intense than the ones you currently have.

I hope this helps!