Add responders not sending notification

We use the PagerDuty API in our own incident tooling to add responders to incidents. I was added to a recent incident but I was not notified by PagerDuty. The incident timeline confirms this, showing an entry with:

Chris Evans requested Incident Managers (Chris Evans) through the website.

The API key we use is tied to my email address, and it’s my email and id that our tool uses in the ‘from’ field.

Am I using the API right here? Am I not being notified because it’s my API key/email that’s making the request to add responders?

To be clear, I basically want to guarantee that the person I’m trying to get hold of through the responder_requests API actually gets called.

It seems like that API call doesn’t send notifications if the person sending the request is the same as the on making it, or if the person is already a responder in the incident. Is the only way to guarantee a notification is sent to create a fresh incident each time?

Hello Chris,

That is right. If the the user being sent the notification is the one creating it, there will be no notification as the user is already aware of the fact. However, the request is to another user, there will be a notification.
I hope that helps.