Add relational links to API response headers


Given the beautifully formatted API pagination, I was surprised by the lack of Relational Links per RFC 5998. Due to this absence, certain API clients can not “intelligently” parse together paginated output across multiple calls.

Working example: GitHub
The 1st page’s response header includes Link as follows:

<>; rel="next",
<>; rel="last"

Notice, the query is retained while only the page number suffix changes, thus allowing the client to make subsequent calls automatically (with delays to account for rate-limiting thresholds).

API client example: PowerShell v6+
Observe Example #3 from the above link which uses the -FollowRelLink flag to make subsequent API calls based on relation links:

$url = ''
Invoke-RestMethod $url -FollowRelLink -MaximumFollowRelLink 2

Really looking forward to this being implemented, especially given ongoing updates to PagerDuty API.

Thanks for your time,