Add links to the Details section of the PagerDuty Notification email

Hi Team,
In the Pagerduty notification email (PagerDuty ALERT) that is being sent in HTML format, we have the section called ‘DETAILS’ in the email body.

I am adding my Salesforce Org case URL as a hyperlink in the code so that expectation is that in the PagerDuty alert details section the case hyperlink is shown in the email body, instead, it’s showing as Text.
Check the screenshot below:

In the following link, it was stated that we can send clickable links in the truncated message of the 'Details ’ section.

Appreciate the help.

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Hi Yash,

When you receive notifications with embedded links, these links appear as plain text within the details of the notification. You can select “View Incident” in order to access the link directly. If you include a direct link, for example,, then the link would be clickable within the incident notification email.

We do not have customizable notifications at this time, but I would be happy to submit this feedback to our Product Team on your behalf.


Thank you Hannah for the quick reply.
Yes please submit the feedback to your product team on this requirement. It would be really helpful if we have that facility.


The request has been logged as a feature request with the Product team to consider.


Hello, I would like to know about the advancement of this request ?
I have the following workflow :
We have a lot of Jenkins jobs, we have added the PagerDuty plugin (that works great) to create alert when a job is failing and resolve it when he is working again.
Inside the plugin, we put in source the exact URL of the jobs in the source field.
Then, out business service is configured to send an alert on slack. So when a job is failing, we have a slack alert.
My issue, is when a dev get the alert is the time he need to arrives to the actual jenkins job when he can see the error :
On the notification, a link to go on the business service or the incident.
Once on the incident, we then need to click on the alert. On the alert, we can see the url of the source, but can’t even click it.

So, we need a least 3 actions , that takes arround 30sec ( when already logged ), when we could arrive there in one click only.

I don’t think the solution would necessary to add the source a the link always, but to allow us to customize the alert with using some variable that are available.

Kind regards,