Add License type filter to User display page

Add License type filter to User display page.

It would make it much easier to find which users are using a specific license.

Hello @brent.clark. Thanks for your feedback on this one. I’ll forward your feedback to the product team.

We do already provide the summary on license usage (see image below) and the license assigned to each user. Would it be possible for you to share what you are trying to achieve?

Thanks in advance!

Current filters options in the WebUI

I would like an option to filter on Licenses. I want to see what users have what licenses assigned to them. The total license count in the screenshot you provided, does not allow me to see which users are using which licenses.

Also, just seeing the User Onboarding Report page. Very nice.

It would be great to see a column showing which License was in use for each user here as well.

I’ll provide this feedback to the team @brent.clark. I’ll try to update you here once I have news about it.