Add 5 viewers to a team - I have to buy 50 stakeholder licenses to do this?

As per title, how can I add 5 viewers to a specific team who only want to view the incidents. The business status page just says an issue, they want to see the alerts but not be able to action them etc.
The only way I can see this is to add a 50 pack of stakeholders or create them as full paying users (seriously!).
Ideas before I sent to search for a new tool after 3+ years?

Correct, a “Full Stakeholder” license would allow those users to see the below information in PagerDuty’s normal WebUI. The “Limited Stakeholder” would allow them to only see the Status Dashboard and brief incident details.

  • User profiles
  • Incident
  • Schedules
  • Escalation policies
  • Services
  • Analytics
  • Postmortems