Acknowledged but not investigating...yet.

Request for an “Investigating” Button.
Situation - You get a call and are walking the dog, shopping or in a traffic jam. You acknowledge the alert but as your company has only supplied you with a non-smart phone, you need to get home or to the office to start dealing with the incident. You get online after getting home and having to reboot your locked laptop. 20 minutes have passed before you even start investigating the issue.
Feature request - If there was a button on PagerDuty for “Investigating” then reports and post mortems could show Mean-time-to-engage (MTTE) as well as Mean-time-to-acknowledge (MTTA) or resolve (MTTR). It would also be useful where a response play has been activated and resolvers are actively engaged in helping to resolve the incident, to show the MTTE for each responder.

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Hey Neil,

Thanks so much for your feedback. I think this could be a useful tool, and it looks like there is already an open feature request around this. I will add your vote to that request for future consideration!

If there is anything else we can help with, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to support at


Ryan Viera
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It’s an interesting use-case to me, mind if I’m curious for a moment? What type of value are you finding with a MTTE versus MTTA metric? From my point of view the metric feels like a mirror of MTTA, but puts more pressure on toward the on-call team member to not leverage “escalate” if they are physically unable to answer the page.

Just wondering under what situations it’s better for the initial on-call responder to ACK and then get to investigating when they can. Lower urgency pages or lower priority services?

The concept of MTTE does sound like a very interesting stat to track.


So Mean Time To Engage is not a metric that is tracked in PagerDuty. Current metric that are tracked you will find here. So It is will be interesting to know the sort of metric that would be tracked in that regard for Mean Time To Engage as different from Mean Time To Acknowledge.

If you provide more details regarding that, it will be great. A clearer understanding of the problem such a metric will help solve we will find helpful.

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As Neil has explained initially, MTTA as we know is the metric for when a responder acknowledges he/she has received notification and will respond to the incident. But in real life, it could be many minutes before they are actually logged on and actively working on the problem.

This new metric would accurately record when a Responder starts work on the issue, rather than include the time taken to get home from walking the dog and log on to the system.

It would also be useful to record when every responder starts working on an issue where multiple responders are assigned to a single Incident - this data could then be utilised in the GUI to show a roll call during the Incident lifecycle so that the Incident Commander could tell at a glance who has joined or not joined at any given moment.

Maybe Mean-Time-To-Engage is not the correct terminology, perhaps Mean-Time-To-Actively-Working-On-Issue or something like that :wink:


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Hello Chris,

Many thanks for those details.

This has been logged with Product Team as a Feature Request. Will be be closing off this call now in order to share the feedback.

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