Accessing extension status via API

Background: We have noticed that sometimes our extensions which we use to create ServiceNow incidents become disabled. We would like to be notified when this happens via email.

I have been working on a Python script which pulls the status of the extensions from:


Before embarking on this task, i wanted to check if anyone has done this before in Python 3.x environment? Thanks!

Yes, we create solutions like this for many of our SNow customers. You could also do this from the SNow side and put it on a schedule to check regularly and reset those that are disabled.

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Thanks for the reply. I shall explore Pdpyras, and other possible ways to interact with the API.

Just in case anyone runs in to this issue. Support provided a script written in Python which can enable all the extensions on the fly. Thanks to support for this. We will build on top of this. Here is the GitHub link:

Let me know if anyone has any questions and thank you again to support!


Keep in mind that Webhook v3 will be slightly different with its subscription approach and uses different APIs.