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:question: What’s the difference between PagerDuty APIs?


The Events APIs (v2 and v1) are designed for monitoring, deployment, and other systems to feed machine-generated data to PagerDuty that can be used to trigger, ack and resolve incidents and alerts.

If you want to send human-generated actions to PagerDuty, like activity from a ticketing system, check out the Incident Creation method in our REST API.


The Custom Event Transformer allows you send data to PagerDuty in any format, then transform the data into something PagerDuty can process with custom JavaScript.


The REST API can be used to create, read, update and delete just about anything in your account, so it’s great for auto-provisioning integrations, building custom dashboards, and more.


Webhooks give you near real-time updates whenever incidents and alerts are triggered or updated. Use this space to share and discuss your projects that process PagerDuty webhooks, or get help building apps that can process webhooks.

If you’re just getting started and are looking for more information, be sure to check out our full guide to the differences between all PagerDuty APIs and versions available.