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Hello i am the pagerduty admin for my company and we have a scenario i need some help with. We do have an on-call however it is monday thru friday from 8AM -5PM. There are two question i need answered, we had an issue and it didn’t page and wasn’t caught in our analytics. i believe this happen because there is no one on call on the schedule at the time the issues happened(3am). How do we address this? While we don’t want have anyone oncall at 3AM we still want to see the page happen so that we can report on our outages and issues, is this possible? Next we have a user who works on the west coast while the majority of us are on the east. We want to schedule him 8am -5pmPST which is 11am - 8pm so he can still participate in the oncall but not get woken up east coast hours, how can this be done? I think i know the answer but i wanted to asked to be sure.



This is correct when no one is on call no Incident can be created.

Have you checked out the option to off Support Hours enabling this feature on a Service you could solve this issue for you. Support hours uses time of day to determine whether an Incident comes in as Low or High Urgency - you can then have your User β€œLow” urgency notifications in their profile to be either empty or just email notification so Incidents will still be caught.

Regarding having users on call in different timezones read up on our follow the sun schedule example.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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john so if i use the option for off support hours can i have it page no one but at least page us in the slack channel so when we do come online we can see what that alerts occurred?

so does that mean we need to have someone oncall 24HRS a day so that 9-5pm they will get a page but off hours it will just email them and still log the alert to our slack channel? or we dont have to have anyone oncall for that service and it will still send the alert to our slack channel?

Hello Melvin,

Yes exactly, your description is accurate. If you would like us to review any set up please open a private support ticket to support@pagerduty.com so we can review your set up.



Is this documented somewhere?

PS: I just discovered this fact after having used Pagerduty for so many years.