About File Checker Plugin in Rundeck

Hello, I am not sure if I can ask Rundeck Question or not. If yes, where can I find file checker plugins. I searched in the rundeck plugin page and didn’t find any.

Hi Tun!

The plugin is currently unavailable, anyway, you can use this approach (on a PowerShell script step) to get the file info.

If you’re using a UNIX or Linux target node you can use these steps.

Hope it helps!

Thank you Reiner.
I will test it tomorrow and will reply to you back.

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Hello Reiner,

I’ve tested nixy plugin. Nixy is okay to use although it’s not identical with file checker plugin. Is there any other plugin that can show the file information details like file checker do ( file size, information, etc) .

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Hi Tun,

The alternative is to use a specific command like stat in your workflow (on the Command Step or Script Step) and then save the output using the data passing feature (via log output data capture), let me share a job definition example to test:

- defaultTab: nodes
  description: ''
  executionEnabled: true
  id: 182d70c0-0fe0-400d-9f98-2314623807c4
  loglevel: INFO
  name: StatExample
  nodeFilterEditable: false
    ExecutionLifecycle: {}
  scheduleEnabled: true
  schedules: []
    - plugins:
        - config:
            invalidKeyPattern: \s|\$|\{|\}|\\
            logData: 'true'
            name: size
            regex: \s*(.+)$
          type: key-value-data
      script: stat myfile.txt | awk '{print $2}'
    - exec: 'echo "the file size is: ${data.size}"'
    keepgoing: false
    strategy: node-first
  uuid: 182d70c0-0fe0-400d-9f98-2314623807c4

Another way is to create a specific plugin for that, take a look at this.

Hope it helps!

Thank you reiner. I will check this out. Is it okay if I add another question please? How can I pass PagerDuty or Jira incident ID to the rundeck as variables like $(incident.id) . The process is like: I will create the PagerDuty incident using rundeck and then I will use rundeck to resolve using this incident ID.

Hi Tun! The best way to achieve that is to use the PagerDuty Workflow Steps included on PagerDuty Process Automation On Prem (formerly “Rundeck Enterprise”). Please take a look at this.


I saw the PagerDuty workflow steps. But in the incident ID, I want to use the incident ID as a variable. How can I get this Reiner? Btw I am using Rundeck Enterprise and Rundeck process is eating too much CPU like 500% etc. I got 500 Java Error Exception recently and have to restart rundeckd service recently. How can I solve this please? Restarting the rundeckd service recently is inconvenient.

I am using Rundeck Server on AWS EC2 with t2.medium type : 2 vCPUs and 4GB ram + 25 GB of storage.

Hi Tun, if you’re using PagerDuty Process Automation On Prem (Formerly “Rundeck Enterprise”) please contact the dedicated support team, they will help you ASAP! :slight_smile:

Regarding the performance issues, this guide should help you.