Ability to continue processing global event rules

This closely relates to a previous thread, with the main difference being greater access to managing the global ruleset, 6 months onwards. I’ve attached a diagram below to better visualise this feature request.

Since we have various sources of alerting, the payload from Events API is fairly distinct from each other, e.g., result.account will have the same value as payload.source, and so on for priority, owner, type, etc. Currently, we have to specify a separate rule for each of the possible combinations of properties from each source, which leads to ruleset bloat.

Instead, it would be ideal to process alerts in a “waterfall-like” process, such that the first rule only determines the alert’s priority, the second its owner, next its type, and so on. Until the last rule uses the results of the previous decisions to route the alerts to the relevant service.

Any advice on how to carry this out, or further suggestions for improvement would be really appreciated, thanks.



Hi @RD,

I’m the Product Owner for this capability in PD. Thanks for the insight into your infrastructure and why you are looking for the ability to ‘continue processing’ through a Ruleset.

We have identified this as a future feature for our Roadmap and I agree that as we start to add more action abilities to Event Rules there will need be some way to make the necessary rule logic simpler so that you are not forced to create a complicated rule for each scenario.

Unfortunately there isn’t any additional advice that i can give you on how to make this easier at this time although I hope to have an update that may help later this year.


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Hi @SeanNoble,

It’s promising to hear it’s in the pipelines, even though there’s no current workflow workarounds.

On a somewhat related note, given the introduction of the new Rulesets feature, is it possible to interact with them via the API? It would go some way towards testing out certain event rules in a “sandbox environment”. Later on, we could even split our global event ruleset into smaller chunks (unless this “continue processing” ability resolves it earlier!)

Similarly, do we have any word on adding API support for managing Service Event Rules much like the global event ones? I believe this too was raised in another thread: /forum/t/api-documentation-for-service-event-rules/1203.

Thanks for your time.

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+1 on this feature request