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Training Videos In this section you’ll find recorded customer trainings and short how-to video tutorials to walk you through the configuration process. Be sure to check out the additional links to our Knowledge Base under each video to gather more tips and best practices. Best Practices This is your go-to place for everything related to PagerDuty best practices! Here, we've shared some of our best practice tips on notifications, integrations, reporting, and more. We've even broken down each phase of the response cycle -- notify, assess, resolve, prevent, and optimize -- to help your teams drive down incident resolution times. Training This section was created to help make your PagerDuty onboarding experience a success! Start by checking out the <a href="/t/filling-out-the-success-plan/475">Onboarding Checklist</a> which covers all of the major milestones to complete. We also discuss the importance of establishing goals, publishing internal documentation and training your teams with our customized training decks. Integrations & Extensions Share and discuss the integrations you're using, how various extensions help optimize your workflow, or get help setting up new ones.
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