Custom Event Transformers <a href="">Custom Event Transformers (CETs)</a> let you send data to PagerDuty in any format, and have our event processor transform the data into a format we can work with. For example, if you want to send webhooks from a system that doesn’t support our Events API format, a CET can be used to transform the webhook data into <a href="">PD-CEF</a> event, or a generic incident or alert. Get help writing transforms, or share yours with others here! Events APIs The Events APIs (<a href="">v2</a> and <a href="">v1</a>) are designed for monitoring, deployment, ticketing, and other systems to feed data to PagerDuty that can be used to trigger, ack and resolve incidents and alerts. Looking to create a new integration or customize an existing one? This is the place to let us know what you're working on and what you need help with. REST APIs PagerDuty's REST APIs (<a href="">v2</a> and <a href="">v1</a>) can be used to create, read, update and delete just about anything in your account, so it's great for auto-provisioning integrations, building custom dashboards, and more. So, tell us what you're building, get answers on specific API calls, or let our community help with your coding issues! Webhook Extensions <a href="">PagerDuty webhooks</a> give you near real-time updates whenever incidents and alerts are triggered or updated. Use this space to share and discuss your projects that process PagerDuty webhooks, or get help building apps that can process webhooks.
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